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Toronto TitansAs the old saying goes Second time’s a charm and for the Toronto Titans it certainly rang true as the Toronto Titans became Downsview Park Winter Tier 2 Champions for 2012. After a disappointing loss to the Vaughan Pylons in the fall season the Titans came out in the winter season with a mission to accomplish, win the Championship and anything else would be another season to wonder what happened and what could have been. The Titans coasted through a regular season consisting of fourteen games. Those games were only a warm up as the true season started when the post season commenced.

The one versus eight series saw the Titans and the North York Hitmen hook up in a battle of two old foes. Game one saw the Hitmen sending a message that the series would not be a cake walk regardless of the difference in playoff seeding. A 2-2 draw in game one would send the series to a game two winner takes all. Game two would start to see the Titans flex their muscles as contenders for the Championship. The Hitmen would come up short in their quest as the Titans come away with a 5-2 victory and a date in the semi final round with the Mississauga Islanders.

Two seasons in a row the Islanders and Titans roads have crossed in the post season. Would things be different this time around as a young Islander team looked to avenge the fall season loss in the QF’s to the Titans. What would ensue would be a tight hard fought battle and both games would be nail bitters right to the end. Game one saw the Titans fall behind early as the Islanders open the scoring and gain a ton of confidence. The Titans fire power would then take over and three quick strikes would swing the game in favor of the Titans and game one would end 3-1. With their backs to the wall the Islanders would not go down easy. After a hard fought thirty minutes the game would be deadlocked at 3-3 and OT would be needed to decide a game two winner. An untimely penalty in OT would give the Titans a PP chance. Justin Curtin would end the marathon as he fires the winner to send the Titans to the Finals.

Waiting for the Titans in the final would be the North York Nordiques. In just their second kick at the can the Nordiques reached the finals and a chance at becoming the Tier 2 Downsview Park Champions. So the stage had been set and the series would commence. In the opener it would be a tale of two periods. The Titans would fall behind early as the Nordiques would open a 2-0 lead. After a half time speech from head coach Remo Settimo the Titans would come out flying and would end up scoring six straight goals, the last two into an empty net, and game one would end 6-2. With just one win separating the Titans and the Championship the boys would come out on a mission. Lead by their Captain and spiritual leader, Jason Arruda would take control of the game and fire two goals in a 4-2 Titans victory. The season had reached its peak and the Titans had become the Downsview Park Tier 2 Champions.


Congratulations to the Toronto Titans and GM/Coach Remo Settimo on winning the Downsview Park Tier 2 Winter Season. In every playoff series a player is chosen to be the MVP of the post season. It’s always easy to award the MVP honors to the player who accumulates the most points or the goalie due to the nature of his work that would be the easy way. This season’s Playoff MVP was awarded to a player who goes about his day at the rink with a quiet confidence. Defensemen Chris Stavrou whose contribution was unmeasureable in the Titans playoff run is the 2012 Winter Seasons Playoff MVP.

I would like to take this chance to thank all ten teams and their staff that made the 2012 Winter season a huge success. To all the fans who came out and supported week after week, thank you .To all the officials who made their way to the Hangar every Friday night your professionalism and work ethic we thank you. To Rose the cashier for the last three years thank you for your dedication and support over the years. I look forward to the upcoming Tier 2 Summer season and the excitement comes along with the Tier 2 level.

Peter Lorusso
Premier Commissioner
Tier 2 Convener

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