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After months of hibernation I’m back but where am Panza? Perri? Islanders83?...Who does that leave me with ‘Pick Your Poison’ that case I’ll take the lethal injection...well with the chill in the air and the leaves starting to fall it’s time for the weekly GPB report...Reloaded Leafs?...question how do you reload a Leaf, same way you reload a gun?...the Mississauga Flash?...would that be Jumping Jack Flash or Flash Gordon?...the Mississauga Island Boys slip up in night one...Gaetano, Ventullo and the North York Hitmen return, i'm now taking bets on who gets tossed first from the Hitmen bench...North York Nordiques are they back too?...I thought only Winnipeg was granted a team...the Pit Demons play the same old see saw game...Red Wings, finally there’s only one... the Big Bastone no way the Big Novia is fitting... remember the Toronto Titans are back and want to forget game one...the Vaughan Pylons are back and there you have it, these ten teams are set to claim the 2012 Eastern ‘B’ Regional spot...

Mississauga Flash vs. Leafs Reloaded
Two more newcomers face each other and the Reloaders escape with a 2-1 that I think about it Reloaded may refer to getting drunk sobering up and getting drunk know i’m drunk, i'm not, i'm loaded, i'm not, i’m loaded, i'm not...i’m probably over thinking this one...Flash show little sparkle in season opener as short bench spells doom....eight bodies per night will win you games...

North York Hitmen vs. Mississauga Islanders
Islander83 was it something I said, you on vacation, working, hurt, get married?...come back I will be nice...promise...tight affair ends in a Hitmen victory 2-1...Ventullo and Gaetano can sleep peacefully for a week or until they read this...Nelson Soares in Hitmen debut buries winner and sinks the Island...

Pit Demons vs. North York Nordiques
Nords flex offensive muscle in 5-1 debut victory...Demons look anything but scary on this night...can these newcomers be the real deal, only time will tell if their up to the task...

The Bastone vs. Red Wings
Ventullo vs. Ventullo? now we got three teams with a brother on them...the ‘Other Brother’ Mario has the last laugh as the Bastone smash the Red Wings 6-2...Superman Novia gets the trick plus one as he fires four past Clarke in the Red Wings Giustini, no Martello what happened to the All-Star team known as the Red Wings...easy come easy go...Perri I miss you can you come out and play?...

Vaughan Pylons vs. Toronto Titans
Pylons, Red Wings, Pylons did I miss something...Giustini’s back and continues where he left off being involved in every Pylon goal in a 7-4 trouncing of the Titans...the Snap, Crackle and Pop line Martello, Giustini and Bevilacqua tally a combined 17 points...Remo Settimo missing in action for game one was seen running in the opposite direction of the rink when he saw the Pylons lineup card...

Sunday’s Games
North York Nordiques vs. Toronto Titans
Settimo back in action and Titans back on even ground slipping past Nordiques 2-1...newbie’s Nordiques lose heartbreaker to veteran Titans...Calabro with the winner...Nordiques keeper JD solid in goal in losing effort...i'll take one JD one Miller (Light) and a can of CECE to go...Nords have full bench maybe they can lend a couple to Titans they could use a few...

Pit Demons vs. Mississauga Flash
Pitters win 4-1...after an ugly opening night Defina’s crew evens record...JD (the Original) slams the door shut as the Flash snipers are turned up one down could be the pattern for this veteran group...that would mean one down next week bet the House against the’s the question of the week to the Demons, why use a mouth guard then leave it hanging out of your mouth the whole game?....

GPB Power Rankings
1. Vaughan Pylons (Giustini factor)
2. North York Hitmen (so Gaetano can come off suicide watch)
3. North York Nordiques (looking good so far)
4. Leafs Reloaded (opening night win)
5. The Bastone (beat decimated Red Wing squad)
6. Toronto Titans (it’s early)
7. Pit Demons (bounced back)
8. Mississauga Islanders (tough loss)
9. Red Wings (they were never this low last year)
10. Mississauga Flash (winless opening weekend)

Week 1 Top 5 Snipers
1. Giustini (Pylons) - 7 points
2. Novia (Bastone) - 4 goals
3. Martello (Pylons) - 5points
4. Bevilacqua (Pylons) - 5points
5. The field

GPB...till next WEEK

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