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dpbhlWith the team taking shape this Tier 2 All-Star team may be the best squad to date. With already the top five scorers participating in the game, can the lineup get any stronger? There are dozens of worthy players that can be named so let’s name some more players.

With Ralph Pellicori getting the start in goal another tender needs to be named. Leading his team to the division semifinals and losing a heart breaking shootout to the TBB the starting goaltender of the Toronto Hitmen Raza Zaidi will make his All-Star debut. This hulking goaltender covers the majority of the goal leaving shooters very little net to shoot at. Between the two goaltenders the Titans will have a hard time trying to bulge the twine.

The defence needs a speedster and from the Fall Champions the TBB comes Dayton Sopha who will be the quickest player on the floor. His quickness allows him to clear the defensive zone before a fore check can be established keeping his club out of danger. Offence will be supplied from the back end by Trent Gaudon of the Leafs Reloaded. This defender can shoot the ball with the best of them and compiled fourteen scoring points good for a point a game average. One of the purest and all round d-men in the league Carlos Arce from the TBB will anchor the group at the back. Carlos is as complete defensemen you will find with the skill set to play in every game situation possible, no wonder the TBB were Fall Champions. Every team needs size along the back and Barrie Flyer defensemen Derek Risebrough will be the intimidating factor along the back end. His size strength and floor vision will be a valuable addition to the Tier 2 All-Star squad.

The squad is almost complete. Please check back next week as we add the finals six forwards to this star studded team.

Peter Lorusso
Tier 2 Convener

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