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After a week off tending to my spies who were seriously injured (emotionally) after the action in week two I've decided to come back and tell all the way it is GPB style...questions need can run but you can never hide...once again I’ll ask what’s Reloaded, your bench surely isn't...Red Wings can we see a winless season?...why the divorce with Martini...Islander 83 I got three letters for you SNJ you figure it out...can you come back already, I miss you...Pick your Poison on the HOT seat once again, Pat losses this round of battle of the Ventullo’s...Flash (Dance) found their dancing shoes and a couple of wins to boot...Titans see saw ride continues...Nords dampen Snap, Crackle and Pop and silence the big odd is it to see the Pit Demons with a full bench, there's something you don't see, ever...Pylons live up to their name vs. feisty Nords...Bastone, ready, willing and able for all comers...

First here’s a quick rundown of week two...Bastone lose to Titans 3-0 then escape with a 2-1 victory over the Islanders...can the Bastone wake up?...this Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde show won’t work in this division...Titans please show up! will improve your record...nonetheless a big W...Islanders lose both after a 4-3 squeaker to the Flash...this team has gone from contenders to pretenders in two weeks...Flash a surprise so far...keep it up...Pylons smash Leafs 4-0 and Red Wings 5-3...can this team be stopped?...Leafs better get some support from the farm or it will be a looong season...Red Wings lose both on weekend after a 3-2 loss to the Demons...the veterans need to get this team going...Hitmen sneak a 2-1 win with two seconds remaining over the Nords...will we see these two teams in final?...and now to week three...

Red Wings vs. Mississauga Islanders
I can’t believe the fall from grace for the once mighty Red Wings...bring back Perri it hurts to watch...another week and the goose egg gets bigger in the win column...whatever happened to Vinci quick somebody send him directions to the Hangar and tell him its Friday night...Dillu Pickle fires the game winner as the Island boys find their offence 5-2 for the first W of the season...

Unloaded Leafs vs. Loaded Pit Demons
Will someone take a head count in the Pit Demons room they must be top it off they've dropped their average player age to 43.5...can Defina’s crew finally be deemed contenders?...blowing a 2-0 lead has to hurt but a point will mend the wounds...Leafs get lucky on this night with two second period goals...someone get me a drink I need to get loaded...

Bastone vs. North York Hitmen
Always remember a Ventullo vs. Ventullo matchup is worth the price of admission...Bastone, ram the net and finish off a 4-2 victory...what happened to brotherly love, John jumped ship to the Red Wings??..Pick your Poison seen mumbling to himself before, during and after the game a penny for your thoughts...who wants a piece of the Bastone?...the happy ending may go through them...

North York Nordiques vs. Vaughan Pylons
Love definitely wasn't in the air between these two...did the goaltender really out score the big there's something you don’t see ever!...GPB says the Nords are for real...unlucky losses vs. Titans and Hitmen keep team from being pick for a final four appearance in first DP season where did these guys come from...Snap (Martello), Crackle (Bevilacqua) and Pop (Giustini) held pointless...

Toronto Titans vs. Mississauga Flash
You know the Titans are slow starters but on this night they were slow finishers...blowing a late lead to give the Flash a 4-3 victory...Flash men look like they belong after a slow start...just don't start flashing anyone this is a family rated game...Remo Settimo nowhere to be found as the Titans bench collapses...Calabro, Kakish you still Titans?...

Sunday’s Games
North York Hitmen vs. Leafs Reloaded
A few things deceived these eyes on Sunday...yes it was a noon start but Ventullo between the pipes and gets the win?...Duchich scores a trick?...oh yes Ventullo was in net...Goncalves and Pulicicchio net two apiece in this yawner...Hitmen 5 Leafs 4...

The Bastone vs. Pit Demons
Bastone now this is what I’m talking about...take four points on the weekend after a 2-1 win over the Pitters...GPB says watch out for the Sticks...they have arrived...Demons winless on the weekend...hope this isn't a trend...they have me believing...

GPB Power Rankings
1. Pylons - still cream of the crop
2. Nords - making you believe
3. Hitmen - young group contenders
4. Bastone - took them a while to get up (in the rankings)
5. Flash - finding their stride
6. Titans - you just never know
7. Pit Demons - blowing two goal leads
8. Reloaded Leafs - low bodies hurt
9. Islanders - a glimpse of hope
10. Red Wings - they were on the other end of the list last year, how the tables have turned

The Five Top Things We Miss From DP Tier 2
1. Panza temper tantrums - they added excitement
2. Perri's swagger - I've lost my adversary
3. Polar Bears - divisions wide open without them
4. The floor cleaner not speaking English - looks like he learned a few words
5. Red Wing vs. VRW - matchup always good for 200 PIM's

And the Return of...the Call of the Pooh Bah...
1. Bello (Hitmen) - needs to find the score sheet
2. Mallozzi - (Islanders) - you used to be the wall
3. Red Wings - pull it together boys
4. Titans - can we see a full lineup?
5. Islander 83 - sorry NO...

Final Thought...
‘The one thing that never stops running is time, capture the moment, opportunity rarely knocks twice’



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