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Home and Home series?...if you needed a reason for teams to create rivalries you just found it Mr. Schedule maker back to back games sure to create bad blood...forget VRW vs. Red Wings we got Pylons vs. Flash and Titans vs. Reloaded...these are not the same Red Wings winless to date, quick someone call 911 its gonna be a long season...the Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde Demons facing the Bastone for the second straight week take the back half of the home and home...the Nords and Island Boys battle to a draw...coming soon the mid season report card, who will make the grade and who will fail the GPB report...

North York Hitmen vs. Red Wings
The Red Wings theme song should be "Slip Sliding Away", barley a shell of the power house they once almost impossible two points over the last two years are almost a gimmie so far this year...the pack is starting to separate and the Wings better start gaining valuable points and "FAST"...the Hitmen come away with two points to continue their race for first...has anyone seen the size of Scapione's pads?...there bigger than the mattress on a bed...with Thanksgiving around the corner Pick Your Poison and Ventullo have alot to be thankful for...

North York Nordiques vs. Mississauga Islanders
The surprise club for the GPB the Nords continue to streak...a 2-2 tie with perennial contenders the Islanders cement their status as contenders...JD the second continues to open eyes...wonder if we will see a battle of the JD's with naming rights on the line the other will be nick named the "Kool Aid Man" the farthest thing from Jack you can find...the GPB says Nords final four, you read it here first...Islanders show the spunk and spirit were used too...but still no sighting of Islanders 83 we’ve updated the Alert to Amber, missing for more than four games...please don’t let it reach Red...

Toronto Titans vs. Leafs Reloaded
4-3 Titans in game one and 4-2 Reloaded two days later settles absolutely nothing...a short benched Titans in game two are no match for the Duchich led Leafs...Giustini used to battle Wilson for the goal scoring lead we now have a new contender "Duchich" who will reign supreme...Reloaded need to put 100% in every night not just on even numbered days...Kakish, Calabro make an appearance then disappear just as fast leading to the failure for the Titans in the second game...both these two are in for a surprise in the mid season report stay tuned...

Pit Demons vs. The Bastone
Pit Demons look awesome as they shut down and shutout the Bastone 3-0...the original JD shines as he is unbeatable gaining a measure of revenge in splitting the season series vs. the Bastone...M. Ventullo can’t be happy dropping valuable points...Bastone still considered top five quality...can the Demons string together back to back victories or is a letdown in order...this veteran team will go only as far as JD can take them and as long as the pain medication continues to keep them healthy...

Vaughan Pylons vs. Mississauga Flash
A rivalry has begun...bad Blood fuels game one of the home and home series...Giustini too much to handle as the Pylons sweep the two game many points does he have? last count he was on pace for a million points this session...cooler heads prevail in game two but the tension could be felt as these two suddenly don’t like each other...Flash run into "Pylons" on the road as they fall off the leaders after winning two straight...Pylons continue to lead the pack heading to the mid point...

GPB Power Rankings
1. Hitmen - one word "consistency" or "Lucky" they both fit this club
2. Pylons - "Giustini"
3. Nordiques - where have you been hiding?
4. Bastone - depth may carry these guys
5. Pit Demons - "JD" on the rocks or dry he’s still awesome
6. Islanders - showing life
7. Titans - too much talent, not enough commitment
8. Unloaded Leafs - Duchich holding their heads above water
9. Flash - one up, two down need a system in place
10. Red Wings - winless and counting...

Thanksgiving GPB Style
1. Hitmen - thankful the VRW are gone
2. Bastone - thankful the Frozen 50's folded
3. Titans - thankful for arthritis medication
4. Pit Demons - thankful for more than three subs a game
5. Red Wings - thankful that the seasons only 14 games
6. GPB - thankful that "YOU" read my report every week...PS

The Call of the GPB
1. Novia (Bastone) - time to turn it up...
2. Defina (Pit Demons) - the new and improved "Demons"...
3. D’Ambrosio (Red Wings) - help us Frankie you’re our only hope...
4. Reloaded Leafs - don’t be afraid to dress more than eight bodies it helps...
5. Pick Your Poison (Hitmen) - roll your lines it’s not playoff time yet

Final Thought
"Without losers, there would be no winners"...


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