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Premier BHLAfter three outstanding seasons in the Premier Ball Hockey League the Toronto Polar Bears have ceased operations. The Bears experienced both the highs and lows that any club will experience during their tenure. In their second Premier season the Bears reached the finals and earned a silver medal in a season no one will soon forget.

I would like to thank the Edward’s brothers and most recently Jeff Wilson for the time and effort they contributing to the success of the Toronto Polar Bears.

As per league regulations any disbanding team’s players are put through a Dispersal Draft with the other Premier teams having the opportunity to select the players. The order of the draft is determined by the previous season’s regular season placing in reverse order. The Brampton Express opted out of the draft.

Draft results from Sunday, September 29:

1. Chris Monaghan (Vaughan Red Wings)
2. Justin Monaghan (Toronto Thunder)
3. John To (North York Hitmen)
4. Jeff Wilson (Metro Orangemen)
5. Giorgio Occhipinti (Mississauga Hawks)
6. Sandro Mignosa (Vaughan Pylons)
7. Al Moore (Barrie Flyers)
8. Mauro Mignosa (Vaughan Red Wings)
9. Gus Kalaitzis (Toronto Thunder)
10. Mike Gaggi (North York Hitmen)
11. Anthony Flores (Metro Orangemen)
12. Eric Melia (Vaughan Pylons)
13. Claudio Mignosa (Vaughan Red Wings)
14. John Miltiadou (Vaughan Red Wings)

Peter Lorusso
Premier Commissioner

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