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Mentis 2001 Game vs CzechsThe DPBHL All Star Day was started in 2007 to give back to the players and managers who have done so much for the game and for the league. There are many deserving people and we try to recognize different people each year. We believe everyone is an All-Star but there are only so many spots available each year.

One spot that will never be taken is for the legendary Mr. Robert "Bobby" Mentis. We announced last year the he will be recognized and named to each Premier and Masters All-Star teams. Bobby played in both divisions for the Brampton Midnight Express and Toronto Jaguars. He played in three decades, played in multiple World's and National's and is a Champion everywhere he played. He also became a ref and a good one at that! He was a driving force behind our great game. A true ambassador and a hero to many. Mr Mentis will always be with us on All-Star Day.

Bobby, we salute you, we love you!


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