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DPBHL All-StarWow is all we can say after another memorable All-Star Day! We would like to thank all the players, coaches, family and friends who joined us this past Saturday. All the hard word and tireless hours spend for this day is all worth it when you see all the smiles on the players faces, the high fives and celebrations after a goal. 

We would like to also thank our sponsors for their generous contributions. Joey, Sergio, Terence and Sebastian from 45 Productions, Gabe from Veriation Music, Alistair from RE 7 Performance Drink, Peter from First Line Promotional and Coca-Cola. And of course the staff, Dan and Joe who did a fantastic job officiating, Carlos our timekeeper, Mario the DJ and Peter and Pino doing everything else. Without them this could not be possible. We hope you all enjoyed All-Star Day 2016 and we can' t wait to prepare for All-Star Day 2017.

A highlight video and pictures will be posted soon. For anyone interested in the final scores here are the results:

Game: Tier2 All-Stars 9 Masters/Tier 3 All-Stars 6
What a fun game to watch! So many great plays, great saves and a great vibe during this game. Tier 2 All-Stars started slow giving up the first two goals of the game and trailed 2-1 going into the second. But the second had such an incredible All-Star feel with that goal horn going off constantly. When it was all said and done the Tier 2 All-Stars broke away late with three goes in the last two minutes off the stick of Dillu Kalhar. He was awarded with Tier 2 All-Stars Game MVP and finished the game with 4 goals. Nick Lombardi was named Masters/Tier 3 All-Stars Game MVP who ended up with 2 goals and 1 assist.

Shootout: Tier2 All-Stars 2 Masters/Tier 3 All-Stars 1

Rajwinder Sandhu and Mike D'Arpino would score for the Tier 2 All-Stars and Nick Lombardi would replay for the Masters/Tier 3 All-Stars in the six player shootout. Some fantastic saves in this one so in this writers eyes the overall winners were the goalies! Good job boys!

Game: Tier 4 Sunday 5 Tier 4 Weekday 1
These two team came out swinging and game started out real intense but once everyone got their feet wet it turned into an entertaining game. The Tier 4 Sunday All-Stars got the better of the Weekday All-Stars for the second year in a row with a 5-1 victory. We had outstanding goaltending on both ends and some electrifying plays. Tier 4 Sunday Game MVP went to Vince D'Elia who tallied 2 goals and 1 assist and for the Tier 4 Weekday team it was Jeff Hamilton who was all over the floor all game long trying to make things happen. Thanks to these players who play for the love of the game!

Shootout: Tier 4 Sunday 4 Tier 4 Weekday 1
The Tier 4 Sunday shooters keep the momentum going into the six players shootout. Jordan Bumeliani, Matthew Goncalves, Vince D'Elia and Zack Wilson all bulged the twine. Mike Sinfarosa replied for the Tier 4 Weekday All-Stars. A great performance by all!

Premier 3 on 3 Tournament
Team Lagani 2 Team Ciarabellini 0 (Azevedo, Boyes)
Team Ventullo 2 Team Gaetano 0 (Ruffa 2)
Team Vieira 2 Team Ciarabellini 1 (Giustini 2, Pacheco)
Team Yerex 3 Team Gaetano 1 (Ponce, D'Ambrosio, Morrison, K. Yorke)
Team Vieira 2 Team Lagani 1 (Monaghan, Giustini, Azevedo)
Team Yerex 1 Team Ventullo 0 (Morrison)
SF: Team Vieira 3 Team Ventullo 1 (Giustini 3, Ruffa)
SF: Team Yerex 2 Team Lagani 1 SO (Sisi, D'Ambrosio SO, Kelly)
Finals: Team Vieira 2 Team Yerex 0 (Giustini 2)
So much talent in this division it was so fun to watch. Up and down action and the goaltenders on all six teams were magnificent. Goal of the tournament goes to Danny Pacheco who puts his shoulder down beats the defender then a spinarama goal got everyone off their feet. Lots of great offensive and defensive plays, lots of speed and when it was all said and done Frankie Giustini with 7 goals received the Tournament MVP honours as his Team Vieira clipped Team Yerex 2-0.

Thanks again to all and see you at #ASD2017!




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