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DPBHL All-StarThe weather is getting nippy and the snow is falling but that just means that the DPBHL annual All Star Day is just around the corner. On January 21st we will hold our 7th instalment of this annual classic. Every year we spice things up with shootouts, 3 on 3 tournaments and so much more. So in continuing with this tradition the Premier All Star Game will feature two sides “The Seasoned Veterans” versus “The Young Stars”. The debate will finally be settled. Who will reign supreme? The game will be comprised of twenty minute halves and a six man shootout where the goals will be added to the final score for a winner to be crowed and bragging rights to be had by the winning side. So without further ado let’s get to it.

So the first question is who will coach the two sides? Who will be the master minds behind the 2 teams? Who will make the decisions that will ultimately decide the winning side? For the veterans it’s only fitting that the bench staff is headed by Barrie Flyers head coach Sam Yerex. The Flyers have been taking the division by storm and their strategic game plans have them as one of the top contenders for the 2017 DPBHL Premier Crown. His assistant will be Marcel Vieria of the Metro Orangemen. Leading his club to two straight Nationals, Marcel's decision making and coolness on the bench will be an asset as the veterans look to upend the youngsters. Also assisting the veteran side will be Glen Bradbury Sr. whose dedication, commitment and positive reinforcement will go a long way to ensuring success to the veteran side.

The Young Stars will be led by one of the most tactical, well prepared minds in the sport today. Is there any coach that prepares their team better than this individual? The head coach of the Young Stars team is Angelo Gaetano of the North York Hitmen. If one things for sure Angelo will have this team raring to go. His assistant will be from the Richmond Hill Falcons Vito Lagani. The Falcons have strived over the last year and are a force to be reckoned with every night. Their 2nd place finish in the 2016 summer season was no fluke and they are starting to round into form as they try to claim a DPBHL Premier Championship. The Young Stars bench will be well stocked with supplies and refreshments as they will also have the best trainer in the sport on their bench Bobby Dunlop of the Brampton Express.

Everyone’s waiting with anticipation and expectation for the rosters of the Premier All Star Game to be announced. It’s the hardest decisions that are made every year as there are dozens of worthy recipients to choose from. We have been treated to exciting games year after year and the 2017 version will be one for the ages.

The keepers of the twined cages are key to any successful team and it’s only fitting that we start with the announcement of the goalies. The toughest position to fill every year with so many All Star goaltenders to choose from but only four can be selected. This goaltender is the epitome of an All Star and gives his club a chance to win every night. A veteran of the game and competitor from the drop of the ball until the final whistle. Congratulations Bram Leggatt of the Niagara War Pigs. Joining Bram in defending the veteran’s cage will be Paul Zarnett of the Metro Orangemen. This classy veteran is always ready for the spot light and it will definitely be on him and Bram as they back stop the Veterans to what will hopefully be an All Star Day victory.

Young and ready to defend their goals at all costs are the goalies of the Young Star squad. Still a youngster at the goaltender position, this individual has accomplished all that any one player can. From National Championships to Team Canada member, Premier MVP the list goes on and on. Representing the Young Stars in goal will be David DiGironimo of the Brampton Express. His partner in goal will be a true youngster of the game and he’s made a splash as he gets his feet wet at the Premier level. Kodi Hainey of the Barrie Flyers will be making his All Star Day debut in a well-earned honour. This young acrobatic netminder will impress you as he defends the Young Stars twine.

Defence the toughest of all positions in the game. You’re depended on to stop the opposing team’s forwards at all cost. Let’s not forget you’re also expected to add offence from the back so the pressure is always on. These individuals have excelled at their position and will be front and center at the 2017 All Star Game. Congratulations!

Veteran Defencemen
Chris Creador - Metro Orangemen
Gurjeet Gill - Brampton Express
Honky Hawrysio - Barrie Flyers
Danny Pacheco - Metro Orangemen
Danny Rocha - North York Hitmen
Taylor Tollefson - Vaughan Red Wings
Cory Wick - Barrie Flyers

Young Stars Defencemen
Victor Azevedo - North York Hitmen
Mike Fiorillo - Richmond Hill Falcons
Flavio Fiorucci - Vaughan Red Wings
Jaisen Gill - Brampton Express
Ryan Leal - Richmond Hill Falcons
Mike Nielson - Niagara War Pigs
Brian Szloga - Niagara War Pigs

With the back end players all named and ready to go it’s time for the offence to take shape. It’s not easy with so many offensively talented snipers in the league. Can you imagine the line combinations that these coaches will come up with, you can’t go wrong but the possibilities are mind blowing.

Veteran Forwards
Derek Anderson - Vaughan Red Wings
Glen Bradbury Jr. - Metro Orangemen
Jason Capaldi - Niagara War Pigs
Paul Duarte - North York Hitmen
Frankie Giustini - Vaughan Red Wings
Andre Hall - Richmond Hill Falcons
Shawn Hannon - Brampton Express
Randy Kelly - Barrie Flyers
Matt Martello - Niagara War Pigs
Massimo Principe - Vaughan Red Wings
Terry Roache - Metro Orangemen
Eric Tardiff - Niagara War Pigs

Young Stars Forwards
Dino Brancatella - Richmond Hill Falcons
Eric Camara - Metro Orangemen
JC Gill - Brampton Express
JK Gill - Brampton Express
Ricardo Pires - Metro Orangemen
Daniel Ponce - Richmond Hill Falcons
Jonathon Pulicicchio- North York Hitmen
Marcel Mallais - Brampton Express
Keegan Martin - Barrie Flyers
Robbie Mentis - Vaughan Red Wings
Chris Monaghan - Vaughan Red Wings
Tyler Yerex - Barrie Flyers

The teams for the Premier All Star Game are complete! Is this the best lineup you’ve ever seen in an All-Star game, I think so. Can you imagine the damage a line of JK Gill, Tyler Yerex and Ricardo Pires can muster? Or a line of Hannon, Giustini and Bradbury. Lots of fire power to go around. Don’t miss all the action, goals, laughs and smiles on January 21st inside The Hangar starting at 1pm. 

Congratulations to all the players selected and we will see you on Saturday, January 21!



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