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DPBHL All-StarFor the first time in All Star Day history we will pit the Tier 3 All Stars against the Tier 4 All Stars. We don't know what to expect but rest assured everyone will have a great time. The challenge for the Tier 4 Stars will be the speed and finesse of the Tier 3 team. If they can keep the game simple we believe it has the making of an upset. We have many first time All Stars so let's get to it.

The Tier 3 All Stars will be coached by the savvy vet Peter Guido of the Blacksheep. Peter has been a staple of the league for over three decade and we just love his infectious smile. His co-coach will be Graciano DaPonte of the Young Canadians. This man has brought his young club to new heights and we welcome Grac to his first All Star Game.

Henry Martinez will be the bench boss for the Tier 4 All Stars. His Nordiques club is coming off a Fall Championship and we are happy to have him join us for #DPASD17. Vaughan Lions Joseph Mazzuca will join Henry behind the bench. Joseph, who was injured in the summer, has taken over the duties behind the young Lions bench. He has a great young mind that can bring lots of enthusiast to the All-Stars.

Manning the pipes for the Tier 3 All Stars is Daniel Lazzaro of the Jabroni's. Daniel's acrobatic style will give the Tier 4 All Stars fits all afternoon. His partner will be Steven Doughty of the Toronto Spargulls. He brings a calming presence to the Tier 3 cage. 

Trying to stop all that comes his way the wily vet Colin Hartill of the Dirty Sting will be making his second All Star Day appearance for the Tier 4 All Stars. The second half of the duo will be the youngster Steven Marchione of the Toronto Kings. This big man covers most of the net so the Tier 3 shooters better be accurate.

Onto the hardest position in ball hockey. The Defence. With so many great shooters in this league it's almost impossible to defend. We also have outstanding speed which proves to be just too much to handle on most nights. But these guys have proven to be the best at the defence position.

Tier 3 Defencemen
Kiril Andonov - Autobots
Nelson Araujo - Toronto Spargulls
Tyler Cruz - Jabroni's
Brandon Demelo - Young Canadians
Tony Diec - Autobots
Ethan LaPlante - Toronto Snipers
Larry Lippa - Blacksheep

Tier 4 Defencemen
Richard Deane - Dirty Sting
Steven Iannuccilli - York Region Blues
Jashan Laddi - Snipers
Luis Martins - Toronto Stealth
Anthony Mohi - Vaughan Lions
William Swift - The Hawks
George Tserbis - Toronto Kings

With so many great forwards in our league we sure hope this group can put on a show. So many worthy candidates but only thirteen spots available per team. So let's announce the best of the best at the forward position.

Tier 3 Forwards
Hamdi Abdulkadir - Autobots
Gary Borges - Blacksheep
Mike Campea - Jabroni's
Fab Didiano - Garage Guys
Lee Druken - Garage Guys
Jeff Gallant - Toronto Spargulls
Brody O'Donoghue - Toronto Snipers
Johnny Pellegrino - Garage Guys
Michael Petruccelli - Young Canadians
Giuseppe Pompei - Blacksheep
Ryan Tremmel - Jabroni's
Sergio Vidal - Toronto Spargulls
Michael Verardi - Young Canadians

Tier 4 Forwards
Daniel Ascenzi - Night Angels
Agostino Caci - Barons
Matt Fetter - Kimchi Kanucks
Mark Gluzman - Kimchi Kanucks
Greg Hoffman - Nordiques
Gopi Johal - Brown Royal
Matthew Manza - Jets
Daniel Marchione - York Region Blues
Rob Sabato - The Hawks
Chris Santos - Barons
Ravi Seeder - Brampton Predators
Randeep Singh - Brown Royal
John Ventullo - Toronto Stealth

And with that all the All Stars are announced! We would like to congratulate all the players selected and hope to see you all on Saturday, January 21 inside the legendary Hangar with all the action starting at 1pm.


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