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In early September the Premier Ball Hockey division was rocked by a massive trade that involved players and draft picks that surpassed a dozen individuals.

The Metro Orangemen and Toronto Thunder got together and drastically changed the makeup of their clubs. The Thunder used the pieces acquired in the trade to bolster their offence adding former Premier MVP Charlie Giffin, power forward Nelson Soares and defenceman Steve Huffman. The Orangemen and their acquisitions have rocketed to the top of the Premier Division and have maintained the top spot for the majority of the season. Arguably the most pivotal part of the trade for the Orangemen was acquiring All-Star defenceman Danny Pacheco. Now nearly six months after the blockbuster trade Danny Pacheco will share his thoughts and feelings with the Ball Hockey World. Danny thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule to speak with us.

Since the trade the Orangemen have dominated the Premier Division and many feel you have been the biggest reason to that success, how do you feel about that statement? it takes twenty players to perform on the floor to have success, but that being said, I would have to say that Andy, Glennie and Ricky deserve a lot of credit as well for the success we have in joining this young talented group of players.

What were your feelings after the trade, the Thunder did come to within one game in 2011 from becoming Premier Champions?
One game I know tough pill to swallow...It was hard to leave and leave a very talented team, but most importantly friends on the Thunder...But as I'm getting older and not many years left it was something I always wanted to do, play with most of the kids I coached and try to win with them, also having the chance to play with both my brothers and close friends is something I'll never forget.

Joining a defence core with Creador, Cerqueira, and Carreria where do you fit in to that mix?
#4 D lol...Great kids and very good players in which they will only get better in time...I just want to help them out in any which way I can.

Were the Orangemen your preferred destination or would you have played wherever you were dealt?
Honestly yes...Thunder 2nd no question...But would have considered another team but won't reveal that.

Now that you and your two brothers are on the same club, do you think we will see a goal scored by Pacheco from Pacheco and Pacheco?
Lol, never know maybe one day...Got a better chance of seeing us three on the floor with a minute left to defend a lead...Maybe three blocked shots on one shift, one by each of us.

How important is it for the Orangemen to gain a first round bye in this season’s upcoming playoff series?
Very important especially for the mindset of this young team...But in the end what counts is winning in the playoffs regardless of where we finish.

Which of the Premier teams that you oppose brings out the best in Danny Pacheco?
Boy hmm...Well every team in Premier gotta come out to play no easy games, but if had to pick one Express being one enjoy playing vs. them with all the talent they have...If I had to pick a player? Would say Matty from Hawks.

Do you see a lot of similarities in the Orangeman, compared to your past Oiler teams?
Yes very similar.

Tell us about the biggest game you’ve ever won in your Ball Hockey career?
I would have to say winning Bronze at Nationals with the Oilers in Montreal in 2006.

You take defensive zone faceoff’s as a defenceman, how did that start?
Couple years back with the Thunder, just strategy I guess.

Your best defence partner to date, who has it been?
Had a few but would have to say Ricky DaPonte when we played together with the Oilers and Team Portugal for a few years we complimented each other.

Can the Orangemen continue to ride the wave of success and capture the Premier Championship?
It's not easy but I believe we can do it, but we will have to play discipline hockey be good defensively and capitalize on our chances.

Danny thank you for your honesty and time.
Thanks Pete.

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