Shiftd Hockey Brings Us The Orange Ball Gang

Our Partner Shiftd Hockey has created an avenue for our players to communicate.

Mike Vernace from Shiftd Hockey says 'This community is created to give us the opportunity to communicate. By doing so, we will have a greater chance at helping the game grow in the right direction'. 

We have been working with Mike for over a year to come up with concepts on getting us the greatest exposure for the players and the league. We will continue to do so. The most important part of this group is spreading the word in a positive way on why you should play ball hockey and how wonderful our sport is. We want all the players in the league to care and promote as their own, not just a place where you play. 

Please join our Facebook group by clicking here.

About Shift Hockey
Taken from their website:
Shiftd is the leader in hockey mentorship. Our team of profession players are able to offer a quality service that is unparalleled. As players ourselves, we have gained invaluable lessons from the sport of hockey in a variety of professional leagues across North America and Europe, and are now looking for a way to give back by mentoring those that will be the future of the game.

Find our more about Shiftd Hockey. Click here for there website.

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