An Amazing Event! We Thank You!

On behalf of Silvio and our league we thank you all for your generous support!

Saturday, February 24, 2018 was for Silvio Taglieri and his family. Players, teams, friends, strangers and so many others contributed on this beautiful day. Oh yes there was also a tournament but that was the backdrop on this day. We have so many people to thank and if we miss you we are truly sorry. A lot of people played key roles in making this day a success. 

Firstly, Rocco Manicone, who spearheaded this event. He came to us a few months ago and we were glad he reached out to us. Rocco, there aren't enough words to describe the person you are. We thank you for all your time. 

We would like to thank our executive director, Mark Cartwright, who donated the arena for the day. Your generosity does not go unnoticed. Mark is usually behind the scenes but he is the engine that makes this organization run.

The following officials donated their time to make sure all the games went off without any hiccups. Rocky Carinci, Jack Caruso, Dennis Dibiase, Adrian Goddard, Tony Pironcello, Sal Pupo, Angelo Rizzo, Abu Shaikh and Carlo Viegas. Thanks guys!

The front line staff manning the tables, taking donations, selling food, t-shirts and welcoming all the guest we can't thank you enough! Leanna and Dave Rocha, Carolanne Manicone and Frank Zampini.

Special thanks to Berta Rocha, who made hundreds of homemade Malasadas (Portuguese Donuts). We are told she was up until 4am to make sure all the donuts were fresh for the event. And not one was left! Berta is a cancer survivor! Four years in remission as of January 14, 2018. Berta thank you so much!

Mr. Everything Terry Remedios. We thank you. He was the unofficial photographer, 50/50 seller and welcoming committee. And he also played in the tournament. Thanks Terry for your support!

Let's also thank Darryl Daponte from Double Blue Promotions for donating all the t-shirts. Very gracious Darryl, we thank you and Paul Mauti, from Magnolia Event Boutique for the delicious wraps. Thank you Paul!

We would like to thank all the teams that participated. Not only did they contribute $40/player but also sent in donations. We would like to thank all the players involved. Special thanks to all the managers. Mike Creador (Milton Flash), Mike Vatcher (Spoilers), Dave Gaio (Warriors), Kelvin Young (360 Tire), Nelson Martins (Crazy Eights), Tony & Matt Benjamin (Brampton Maple Leafs), Kyle O'Grady & Aaron Punambolam (C-Block Alumni), Mitch Nail (Has Beens), Satnam Singh (Toronto Bruins) and the aforementioned Terry Remedios (Hats Off) & Rocco Manicone (Stallions).

Last but certainly not least to Silvio, Kayla and Matteo we thank you for spending some time with us. We hope we put smiles on your faces for a few hours at least. There are a lot of people in the ball hockey community that love you guys and are with you all the way. We are still taking donations but at press time we have generated $8000 from this event. We hope it helps. If you need anything please reach out. Silvio we know you will beat the S#%@ out of this!

For me this goes down as the best and most rewarding event I have been involved with in my 25 years in this wonderful sport. One thing this sport brings us is UNITY! I am so thankful that people will help when one of our own needs a little sunshine in their day! 

Pictures of the event can be found by clicking here or by clicking on Multimedia/Photo Gallery/Silvio Taglieri 4 on 4 Fundraiser.

BTW, Hats Off were the tournament Champions. They went 5-0 and took home the beautiful Silvio Taglieri 4 on 4 Championship Trophy! Click below for tournament results.

Pino Panza

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