Pens and Xtreme take home Spring Classic Championships

The Downsview Park Ball Hockey League hosted the inaugural Women's Spring Classic Tournament from April 20-22 at The Hangar.

It was a beautiful spring weekend in Toronto and we were treated to some amazing games. We would like to thank all the players and coaches who participated. The Penguins, from the Downsview Park BHL, took home the 'B"' Champions and the New Tecumseth Xtreme won the 'Masters' Championship. Here are all the results:

Friday, April 20
B - Holy Cannoli's 1 Penguins 0
MASTERS- Pink Flamingos 4 Lynx 1

Saturday, April 21
B - Penguins 4 New Tecumseth Xtreme 1
MASTERS - New Tecumseth Xtreme 4 Lynx 0

B - New Tecumseth Xtreme 1 Holy Cannoli's 0
MASTERS - New Tecumseth Xtreme 2 Pink Flamingos 1

B SF - Holy Cannoli's 2 New Tecumseth Xtreme 1
MASTERS SF - Pink Flamingos 3 Lynx 1

Sunday, April 22
B FINAL - Penguins 3 Holy Cannoli's 0
MASTERS FINAL - New Tecumseth 3 Pink Flamingos 2



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