Congrats to our 2018 Fall Champions and Award Winners

Exceptional play on the floor has to be recognized.

Each season we congratulate players who were exceptional on the floor in helping bring glory to their Championship teams. It's these key individuals who excelled and we are proud to recognize them. Our Playoff Champions qualify for the 2019 OBHF Winter Provincials being held in Mississauga May 24-26, 2019. Please view our Photo Gallery for Championship pictures. Here are the Fall 2018 Champions and Award Winners!

Downsview Park BHL Tier 2 Sunday North York Leafs North York Leafs
Downsview Park BHL Tier 3 Thursday Screaming Eagles Leaside Lightning
Downsview Park BHL Tier 3/4 Sunday Greenlite Vaughan Lions
Downsview Park BHL Tier 4 Monday Toronto Jaguars Rough Riders
Downsview Park BHL Downsview Co-ed 'A' Mustangs Mustangs
Downsview Park BHL Downsview Co-ed 'B' N/A Ducks
Downsview Park BHL Downsview Womens 'A' Stars Stars
Downsview Park BHL Downsview Womens 'B' N/A Red Wings
Downsview Park BHL Scarborough Womens 'A' Canadians Canadians
Downsview Park BHL Scarborough Womens 'B' N/A Kings

League Season Division Leading Scorer MVP Forward MVP Defenceman MVP Goalie Manager of the Year Playoff MVP
DPBHL 2018 Fall Tier 2 Sunday Lee Druken/Jonathan Poirier Jonathan Poirier Yusuf Azmi Justin Cruz Imran Patel Lucas Thomson

Garage Guys Garage Guys Shaolin Monks North York Leafs ML Warriors North York Leafs
DPBHL 2018 Fall Tier 3 Thursday Frank D'Ambrosio Chris Morrison Jr. Hayden Pare Sean Fernandes Zahi Syriani Aadil Chohan

Screaming Eagles Saints Danforth Knights Toronto Monsters Toronto Monsters Leaside Lightning
DPBHL 2018 Fall Tier 4 Monday Nicolas Iaboni Andrew Boragina Chanpreet Millu Paulo Pinto David Silva Jasdeep Braich

Toronto Jaguars Greenwood Knights Rough Riders Toronto Red Bulls Toronto Jaguars Rough Riders
DPBHL 2018 Fall Tier 3/4 Sunday Randeep Singh Blaze Brooks Anthony Mohi Jasmit Bhatti Ijaz Chaudhry Joseph Mazzuca

Brampton Bandits Barons Vaughan Lions Brampton Bandits Greenlite Vaughan Lions
DPBHL 2018 Fall Downsview Co-edSamantha Pui Daniel Marchione Rob LarattaDave YoungN/A Pamela D'Ambrogio

Predators Renegades Mustangs Predators N/A Mustangs
DPBHL 2018 Fall Downsview Womens Samantha Pui Cassie Ablamowicz Nicole Sampogna Chana Steinberg N/AN/A

PenguinsKings Stars Blackhawks N/A N/A
DPBHL 2018 Fall Scarborough Womens Angie Ganter Samantha PuiVikki Ruth Susan Brown N/A N/A

Blackhawks Canadians Blackhawks Blackhawks N/A N/A
Ducks - Marley Zelden
Flyers - Robert Salvador
Mustangs - Ashley Palozzi
Outlaws - Joe Montana
Predators - Dana Fairborn
Renegades - Melissa Bromley
Blackhawks - Nuha Azmi
Bruins - Kate Cross
Canadians - Julia Theophille
Flyers - Kaitlan Laviolette
Kings - Vicki Cvetanovic
Penguins - Jenn Jung
Red Wings - Elizabeth DeSousa
Stars - Bryanna Mohring
Blackhawks - Kate McGrath
Bruins - Maddie Sanders
Canadians - Debbie Cerullo
Flyers - Kristen Stellino
Kings - Jessica Lamont
Penguins - Natasha Shariff
Red Wings - Alyssa Conway
Stars - Lily Sedore
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