#ASD19 Draft Results

The teams have been picked and we are ready for All Star Day 2019! Only one week away!

Last night the coaching staffs were hard at work trying to dissect the All Star player list. For the Elite All Stars John Ventullo represented Elite Black and Vito Lagani for Elite Red. Graciano Daponte picked for New Generation Navy and New Generation White had a three man contingent as Zahi Syriani, Johnny Lucca and Rick Ventresca put their heads together.

We added three players to the Elite All Star game. In goal Tony Iozzo (Toronto Capitals) was added and up front we selected Daniel Setacci (Brampton Express) and Chris Vagenas (Toronto Titans).

Elite Draft was up first and Ventullo won the coin flip and selected Adam Bevilacqua first over. There was some heated conversation between Ventullo and Lagani but better heads prevailed. The New Generation Draft followed and New Generation White took Simon Taskas with the first pick. When all was said and done 78 players were selected and from the intensity in the room I would say the ultimate bragging right are on the line!

Click here  for the complete draft results.

Our official hashtag is #ASD19 and here is the schedule.
2:15PM: Women's All Star Game
3:45PM: Elite Players All Star Game
5:15PM: Next Generation All Star Game

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