2018-19 Winter League Recognition

Congratulations to our League Champions and award winners.

On behalf of the Downsview Park BHL and Ballhockeyleagues.com we would like to congratulate all the teams and players for their outstanding contributions! Our winter league was one to remember with so many remarkable games and amazing individual efforts. For this we want to recognize them.

League Division Regular Season Champions Playoff Champions
Downsview Park BHL Premier Richmond Hill Falcons Brampton Express
Downsview Park BHL Tier 2
North York Leafs
Jantha HC
Downsview Park BHL Tier 3
Danforth Knights
Danforth Knights
Downsview Park BHL Tier 4 Greenwood Knights Barons
Downsview Park BHL Masters Milton Flash Toronto Leafs
Downsview Park BHL Downsview Co-ed 'A' Mustangs Mustangs
Downsview Park BHL Downsview Womens 'A' Penguins Stars
Downsview Park BHL Scarborough Womens 'A' Blackhawks Stars
League Season Division Leading Scorer MVP Forward MVP Defenceman MVP Goalie Manager of the Year Playoff MVP
DPBHL 2018-19 Winter League Premier Marcel Mallais Jordan Bumeliani Mike Fiorillo Garett Bamborough Remo Settimo Shawn Hannon

Brampton Express Vaughan Red Wings Richmond Hill Falcons Brampton Express Toronto Titans Brampton Express

Rookie of the Year - Markus Rocci (Richmond Hill Falcons)
DPBHL 2018-19 Winter League Masters Chris Morrison Jr. Jes Calabro Stephen Head Antonio Romita Anthony Contento Fred Pereira

Toronto Leafs North York Leafs Toronto Leafs Milton Flash Sherwood Snipers Toronto Leafs
DPBHL 2018-19 Winter League Tier 2 Lee Druken Simon Taskas Joe Meleca Nino Saturno Osman Buttar Jaisen Gill

Garage Guys North York Leafs North York Leafs Garage Guys Greenbirds Jantha HC
DPBHL 2018-19 Winter League Tier 3 Daniel Ponce Jason Toth Ronny Peleg Faizan Khanat Brandon Lyons Corrado Arangio

Toronto Monsters Danforth Knights Toronto Monsters Thorncliffe HC Danforth Knights Danforth Knights
DPBHL 2018-19 Winter League Tier 4 Blaze Brooks James Miller Ahmed Parekh Anthony Gitto Frank Drake Blaze Brooks

Barons Greenwood Knights Markham Pirates Vaughan Lions Greenwood Knights Barons
DPBHL 2018-19 Winter League Coed Chris Morrison Jr. Matthew Robinson Daniella Terenzi

Ashley Yearwood N/A Kristen Netta

Mustangs PanthersOutlaws Predators N/A Mustangs
DPBHL 2018-19 Winter League Downsview Womens Devon Skeats Devon Skeats Michelle Kinsella

Jenna Pletzer N/A N/A

Blackhawks BlackhawksBlackhawksPenguins N/A N/A
DPBHL 2018-19 Winter League Scarborough Womens Christina CarneyKate McGrath Lesley deCoteauKelsey Prentice N/A N/A

Stars BlackhawksKings Canadians N/A N/A
Downsview Women's Scarborough Women's Downsview Coed
Team MVP Team MVP
Team MVP
Blackhawks - Carley Berko Blackhawks - Tayler Weatherby Ducks - Christopher Brown
Bruins - Julie Luciani Bruins - Emily Bell Mustangs - Serge Pullara
Flyers - Michelle Luisotto Canadians - Sharon Sandhu Outlaws - David Strug
Kings - Mindy Hilliard Flyers - Ramona Singh Panthers - Karine Julien
Penguins - Deanna Stanbury Kings - Keiralea Dominelli Predators - Kien Hua
Red Wings - Deborah Felgemacher Penguins - Sophia Lalani
Stars - Luisa Fioccola Red Wings - Kathy Maisonneuve

Stars - Janice Leung

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