Winter Champions Crowned!

Four teams took home the hardware Sunday night and claimed the Winter Championships.

It was a fantastic night of ball hockey inside the legendary Hangar as a partisan crown looked on as eight teams took their stab at claiming a Championship. Toronto Huskies, Brampton Predators, Snipers and Toronto Monsters were the last teams standing. Congratulations guys! We would also like to congratulate all the individual award winners. Pictures can be found in our Photo Gallery.

League Division Regular Season Champions Playoff Champions
Downsview Park BHL Tier 3A Danforth Knights Toronto Monsters
Downsview Park BHL Tier 3B n/a Snipers
Downsview Park BHL Tier 4A Titans HC Brampton Predators
Downsview Park BHL Tier 4B Toronto Huskies Toronto Huskies
League Season Division Leading Scorer MVP Forward MVP Defenceman MVP Goalie Manager of the Year Playoff MVP
DPBHL 2019-20 Winter Tier 3A Sergio Vidal Simon Taskas Farooq Khan Muhammad Hussain Neil Plania Sean Fernandes

Toronto Spargulls Danforth Knights Shaolin Monks Shaolin Monks Danforth Knights Toronto Monsters
DPBHL 2019-20 Winter Tier 3B n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Sahib Gill

DPBHL 2019-20 Winter Tier 4A Josh Medeiros Daniele Rocci James Cairns Tal Peleg Jaisen Gill Ravi Seeder

Titans HC Brampton Predators Greenwood Knights Bullets Brampton Predators Brampton Predators
DPBHL 2019-20 Winter Tier 4B Parteek Johal-Brown Royal Parteek Johal John Pereira Sandro Pileggi Indi Pabla Mark Goncalves

Paolo Scarciolla-Toronto Dynamo Brown Royal Toronto Huskies Toronto Stealth Brown Royal Toronto Huskies
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